Day neutral VARIETY


Taste quality





  • Very vigorous variety.
  • Very few stolons = low maintenance cost.
  • Not susceptible to oidium.


  • Good size, very constant throughout the season.
  • Good taste quality (very good ratio between acidity and sugar)
  • Lovely appearance, light and bright.
  • Good longevity.
  • No fruit deformation.
  • Not very susceptible to oidium.
  • In 2020, it was also found that Favori, thanks to its longer floral stalks (which are therefore more exposed to light) had less fruit affected by the Drosophila Suzuki fly.


  • Compared to the Charlotte variety, the productivity of Favori can be 15 to 30% higher
  • The percentage of non-saleable fruit is low.

Market sector

Variety that can be marketed on short and long food supply chains.