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ANGIER SAS International nurseries have been specialists in the production and marketing of strawberry plants, asparagus crowns and young red fruit plants since 1966.

Our experience acquired over more than 50 years is there to meet your experience, providing you with the variety and type of plants adapted to your cultivation needs.


  • 1966

    Creation by Christophe ANGIER of ANGIER nurseries for the production and marketing of fresh strawberry plants.

  • 1970

    Marketing of cooled strawberry plants.

  • 1975

    First year of marketing asparagus crowns.

  • 1986

    Creation of the company ANGIER SA INTERNATIONAL

  • 1994

    Start of a strawberry varietal selection programme, by Christophe Angier
    Creation of three varieties of strawberries:
    – ANGELINA (seasonal variety – marketed in 2000)
    – ANABELLE (day neutral variety – marketed in 2002)
    – ANAIS (day neutral variety – marketed in 2006).

  • 2003

    Marketing of young red fruit plants.

  • 2004

    Takeover of the company by Mr and Mrs Angier’s two sons:
    Bruno Angier: Production manager
    Frédéric Angier: Sales manager

  • 2006

    ANGIER nurseries become members and managers of CIREF Création Variétale a French grower association.
    The aim of this partnership is to develop CIREF C.V. varieties.

  • 2007

    Creation of weather shelter (anti-freezing nets) for the production of strawberry trays and mini trays.

  • 2010

    Creation of a multi-span greenhouse for the growing of strawberry plants in plugs.

  • 2011

    Increase in the surface area of our weather shelters  by 1 additional hectare for the production of strawberry trays and mini trays, i.e. a total area of ​​4 hectares.

a few figures

  • The plants marketed by the company ANGIER SAS International are produced in France and are CE- or CAC-certified by the French Official Control Service (SOC), a body dependent on the French ministry of agriculture.

  • Cultivated area: 380 ha of sandy soil in the region of Sologne.

  • +60 ha of strawberry plant nurseries, for marketing:
    – 18,500,000 cooled plants,
    – 2,000,000 fresh plants,
    – 2,000,000 plug plants,
    – 1,800,000 tray plants,
    – 700,000 mini tray plants.

  • 32 ha of asparagus crown nurseries, for marketing: 4,300,000 asparagus crowns.

  • 1 ha of young red fruit plants, for marketing: 150,000 plants.

  • 18 permanent employees + 40 seasonal workers, which represents an annual full-time equivalent of 38 people.

  • 25 % of turnover is made through exports: Europe – Middle East – North Africa.