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Types of plants

The technical skill of our partner, the soils and the pedoclimate mean we can offer you a high-quality plant.

We offer leeks from our partner, the company MEIJERS Planten BV in the Netherlands (located 40 km south of the city of Venlo).

Conditionnement des plants

• In boxes of 2,000 plants*.

• 1 pallet 100 x 120 = 35 boxes x 2,000 plants 70,000 plants*.

Logistics are handled by our company and we deliver directly from the Netherlands to your farm.

* Quantity may be different depending on the size of the plant.


• Week nos. 20 to 23: plants grown in mini tunnels.

• Week nos. 24 to 25: plants grown under P17 woven fleeces.

• Week nos. 26 to 35: plants grown outdoors.

The order taking dates must
be approved by the end of february 2021.