Day neutral VARIETY


Taste quality





  • Vigorous and hardy.
  • Not very demanding in nutrients.
  • Not susceptible to oidium on leaves (but be careful as it may be present on fruit) and to various diseases (slight susceptibility to Colletotrichum acutatum is possible).


  • Excellent taste quality, sweet, low acidity and has a strong aroma of wild strawberries.
  • Regular shape, medium to large size (between 17 and 20 g in average weight).
  • Bright, blood red colour.
  • Firm flesh and skin (not susceptible to Rhizopus).


  • Variety with high yield potential with a low percentage of waste.
  • Fast picking speed.

Market sector

This day neutral variety can cover all production sectors, in the spring, summer and autumn. You just have to adapt the types of plants to the planting periods.

Spring production
Planting in plug plants or cooled plants in the summer (to produce the Charlotte variety on a section of a seasonal variety).
– 1st crop in the autumn.
– 2nd crop with high yield potential in the spring of the following year.

Summer and autumn production
Day neutral sector: planting with fresh plants
(autumn) or cooled/mini tray plants (spring).