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AccueilSTRAWBERRY PLANTSTypes of plants available

Strawberries types of plants available

point A strawberry plant produced by the ANGIER nursery in Sologne - France (from the mother plant to the plant sold).
point Respect of the French varietal and health certification. Our company is controlled and certified bu the Official Service of Control (S.O.C.). This allow us to guarantee the traceability and the quality of our strawberry plants.

Clod plants*


In our farm, we produce our strawberry clod plants in a 5000 m3 multibay greenhouse.




Culture plate ANGIER exclusivity

Our company is using a disposable and specific culture plate.

Plate dimension: 56 X 36 cm

Number of clod/plate: 60

Clod dimension: 4,6 X 5,1 cm

Multiplicatin process

The stolons are transplanted in 4,6 cm diameter clod for 3 weeks.
The substrate is made of fibrous peat, associated with a natural fixative to secure and garantee a complete clod during the extraction of the plant.
Plants utilised for the burial and hydroponics strawberry production.



From seedling transplants in full nursery ground in August. Torn in December after vegetative stop, sorted and stored in cold storage at -2 ° C.


Get a bare root plant and with a very large yield potential. A real economic alternative to tray plants.



Fridge plants

Uprooted plants, after vegetative stop, sorted and stored in cold room at -2 °C.

Different sizes available:

 Size B 

Used by horticulturists to transplant plants to buckets.

 Size A 

Used by hydroponics or field strawberry producers.

 Size A

Used by hydroponics strawberry producers but also in field culture.


With our platform equipped with livestock guard slender climate shelters (currently 4 ha), we can respond to your request for provision of quality strawberry plants.

Nouvelle typologie de plants à utiliser pour une contre plantation derrière une variété de saison (uniquement disponible en variété remontante)

Tray plants and mini trays*

From stolons

The stolons are transplanted into plates:

- Tray 9 cm diameter 
- Mini tray 4 cm diameter 
For a period of culture of +/- 4 months, to obtain a big size plant.

After culture, plants are calibrated and put intocold storage. Used for hydroponics or field production.


Tray plants or mini trays double-cropping from fridge plants

From fridge plants

Tray: Transplanting in the spring of a bare root fridge plant size A.

Mini Tray: Transplanting in the spring of a bare root fridge plant size B.


To provide tray plants or mini tray in double-cropping variety to plant after a season variety. Possible delivery from early April to late June.


Fresh plants

Available from mid-august.



For producers willing to produce tray plants or pots.
Cut to order before June 30 2014.


mini-tray sous serre


Nouvelle salle de tri


Organic fridge strawberry plants

ECOCERT, AB - Agriculture Biologique ANGIER nurseries offer a range of organic fridge plants, intended to be transplanted and ECOCERT certified.

*Only to order before June 30, 2015